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Focus on Sustainability: Partnering with Junk Run

Focus on Sustainability: Partnering with Junk Run

All of us at Twin Solutions believe that adding eco-friendly, sustainable features to your home doesn’t have to cost the earth (literally) and can, in fact, save you money over time.

Our focus on sustainability is not only in the organic and recycled materials we use where practical, but also in the process itself. We do everything in our power to minimise waste and recycle or reuse as much of it as possible to manage the footprint left on the planet for each job we are involved in. 

Construction and demolition work accounts for approximately 80% of the amount of “stuff” going into our landfills each year. We are keen to be a part of reducing this with our philosophies at Twin Solutions.

We’ve been working with Junk Run for a few years now to manage and remove any construction and renovation waste at our sites. The Junk Run team work safely alongside us and help us repurpose and reallocate the maximum amount possible from each job. They are all site safe certified, and they get things done fast- sorting and separating by hand and then loading the items carefully to maximise diversion away from landfill. It saves my team having to move and lift waste into a skip, and, saves me time chasing around for skips and managing them safely on site, so we can continue with our building and leave the waste to the experts.

At the end of each job we get a sustainability report on our waste management so we can share with our clients and maximise credits for the NZ Green Star scheme.

An effective team on each job

Junk Run

Junk Run are award winning members of the Sustainable Business Network and have strong partnerships with charities, community groups and social enterprises. They also work with reputable recyclers – so we know that things leaving our sites are going to the right places. For us and our environmentally focussed clients we work with, our partnership with Junk Run makes sustainable waste management easy.

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