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"Twin Solutions delivered exactly what we wanted, on time & budget"

Build a NEW HOME that’s a better place to live!

Build a NEW HOME that’s a better place to live!

The new home you want to build in Auckland has to meet all your requirements. But sometimes it’s hard to see the opportunities for improvement or the pitfalls when you’re looking at a plan on paper.

That is why it makes sense to talk to an experienced house builder with an eye for design early in the process to get practical advice. Ideally, this should happen before the plans are finalised.

Paul Young from Twin Solutions can advise you and your architect in terms of building detail (e.g. which way a specific door needs to open for maximum functionality) as well as practical aspects of the building process. A small change in design could lead to big gains in the practicality or the building costs of your new home.

Practicalities such as efficient heating of the home, or turning otherwise dead spaces into effective storage, are also key aspects to consider. (Twin Solutions can even offer you custom cabinetry.) Twin Solutions can help you create a home that is enjoyable to live in, warm, healthy and efficient to run.

Involving Twin Solutions now can benefit the way you live for years to come.

Best build for your section

When building a new home, your new build it also has to take into account the environment it is built into. This is where many residential building projects in Auckland miss an opportunity. With a fitting design, you can use the qualities of your building site to best effect, e.g. make best use of the sun or views, or achieve natural indoor-outdoor flow that gives you more living space.

Also, a particular type of structure might suit the site better than others. If the section slopes, for instance, you may be better off with a lightweight wooden home on poles, rather than having to go to the trouble of expensive earthworks to build a brick and tile home.

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